The Evolution of the Home

The typical American home has evolved a great deal over the past 50 years. While past buyers preferred suburban, single-family homes, today’s buyer has different expectations.

The Evolution of the Home in San Diego

New-Home Design Characteristics in 1966

  • Builder and buyers prefer one-story homes
  • Laundry rooms were located in the basement or garage
  • On average, smaller home size
  • The kitchen, dining room and living rooms were all separated
  • Home energy efficiency was not a big consideration

New Home Design Characteristics in 2016

  • The average home size is growing, with builders catering to higher-income demographic
  • 60% of new homes have at least two stories due to millennial demand and an increase in multigenerational households
  • Open-floor design is the new norm across all buyer generations
  • New home construction emphasizes energy efficiency and efficient design
  • Laundry rooms are typically located on the home’s main level

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